Flux Proud to Testify in Support of Austin's Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance

Flux is proud to support the recent passage of the Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance approved by the Austin City Council on March 24

The ordinance intends to give all applicants a fair chance at employment by delaying inquiries into an applicant’s conviction history. This policy will apply to Austin employers with fifteen or more employees.

Of the cities that have adopted fair chance hiring policies, Austin’s ordinance is one of the few that guarantees that a background check will only occur after a conditional job offer has been made.

Taylor Frost, a recruiter in the Flux Austin office, testified on behalf of our entire Flux team in front of the Austin City Council.

"At Flux, we already follow fair chance hiring practices and we do so because we feel and believe it is just and - quite frankly - it's the right thing to do," Frost said in a live testimony to the Austin City Council.

"This provides for a more diverse workplace and actually increases the applicant pool - which in turn - helps us to fulfill our clients' needs more efficiently; and arguably, at the same cost, if not less . . . we support the passing of the fair chance hiring ordinance in Austin."